The Vampire of Highgate

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The Highgate Vampire – Did a 1970s Nosferatu Stalk a London Cemetery?

The evidence seems to be overwhelming and the author [of The Highgate Vampire] is to be congratulated on his knowledgeable and lucid account of the case which is likely to become one of the classic works on this interesting and mystifying subject. Two seemingly unconnected incidents occurred within weeks of one another in early The first involved two year-old convent girls who were walking home at night after having visited friends in Highgate Village. Their return journey took them down Swains Lane past the cemetery.

One of these schoolgirls later suffered nightly visitations and blood loss. The second incident, some weeks later, involved an engaged couple who were walking down the same lane.

They both stood frozen to the ground as the spectre held them in thrall. Its face bore an expression of basilisk horror. Soon others sighted the same phenomenon as it hovered along the path behind the gate where gravestones are visible either side until consumed in darkness. Before long people were talking in hushed tones about the rumoured haunting in local pubs.

Haunted Highgate Cemetery: Vampires and Ghosts in London

Some who actually witnessed the spectral figure wrote to their local newspaper to share their experience. Discovery was made of animal carcasses drained of blood. They had been so exsanguinated that a forensic sample could not be found. It was only a matter of time before a person was found in the cemetery in a pool of blood. This victim died of wounds to the throat. The police made every attempt to cover-up the vampiristic nature of the death. He appeared on television on 13 March and repeated his theory. The VRS, whose specialist unit within a larger investigatory organisation now defunct had opened the case twelve months earlier, established a history of similar hauntings that went back to before the graveyard existed.

A suspected tomb was located and a spoken exorcism performed. This proved to be ineffective. The hauntings and animal deaths continued.

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Indeed, they multiplied. By now all sorts of people were jumping on the vampire bandwagon; including film-makers and rock musicians. Most were frightened off.

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Some who interloped became fascinated by the black arts with disastrous consequences. Meanwhile, serious researchers considered the possibility that a nest of vampires might be active in the area.

Episode 388: The Vampire Hunters of Highgate Cemetery

There was indeed more than one vampire for the VRS to confront. However, in early he tracked the principal source of the contamination, known as the Highgate Vampire, to a neo-Gothic mansion on the Highgate borders.

Episode 388: The Vampire Hunters of Highgate Cemetery

Here he employed the ancient and approved remedy. No vampire has been sighted in or near Highgate Cemetery and its environs since that time. The exorcised remains of the Highgate Vampire appear on the next page. He has written, produced and directed and occasionally acted in over a dozen plays, most of them in the Horror and Crime genres. Kimberly McCreary February 11, - pm Reply. Hello, I just wanted to reiterate my one post I posted regarding Vampires and their Secrets, I wanted to add that not only is it time, but it is imperative that the general public knows they exist.

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Their stories are vast and comparison to many whom have told vampires stories and myths, however; vampires are not myth nor are their existence. I am ready to provide the public with these secrets and much more as it is time for all to know. The Original I speak of is working with me and we both will bring fourth the truth, people have been in the dark for far to long, now is the time. Now there was this spell I relighted the night before just out of curiosity.

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  • Now if it was that and it was a vampire that showed up then he needs to come back and not be a crowed because if that spell found you how am I to know that is what you are. If he was maybe not… Now as far as vampires goes; they are real and some go to these Vampire Parties; put fake fangs on and do their feedings with those that think it is something innocent.

    The Vampire of Highgate The Vampire of Highgate
    The Vampire of Highgate The Vampire of Highgate
    The Vampire of Highgate The Vampire of Highgate
    The Vampire of Highgate The Vampire of Highgate
    The Vampire of Highgate The Vampire of Highgate
    The Vampire of Highgate The Vampire of Highgate

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