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I married my childhood sweetheart, had a child of my own and life ended up good.

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My father was always in my mind, his advice and his box. But in some way, I knew he knew.

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I passed the box and key onto him. Told him it was his hope; when things get hard, it was there for him. Never give up, but when times are hard, it will be there for you. I returned home with groceries for Daniel to take with him to University.

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Assuming he went out, I phoned his Cell. I heard the muffled ringtone from the floor above.

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I took the stairs two at a time to see his bedroom door open; the box on the floor empty, except for a note. His lifeless body lay peacefully on the bed, a large red stain dying the sheets; a gun sat loosely in his grip. I fell to my knees and cried. Click here to cancel reply.

Intermediate English Short story - The Box, part 2.

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Was the food brought to the table each night in the shortfilm as lush, excessive and visual as you envisioned it would look? Ketchum : I loved the food! Pretty much all my favorite things! Overall, yes, I think the visualizations of the home, the train, the look of the characters, all of that worked. Well, yes and no. Diabolique: How do you think the main themes translated to film?

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  • Did the casting of Danny embody the spirit of the original character as he was written? Ketchum : I thought Danny was just fine, casting-wise. Diabolique: The idea of the fragile family dynamic and materialism was conveyed well visually in the film. Did you feel these ideas came through as effectively as in your writing?

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    Ketchum : For the most part I agree. Bottom line for me? I think it would stick in memory. What is coming up next for you in ?

    Look for my short story collection, Gorilla in My Room , and the 35th Anniversary Edition of my first novel, Off Season , with lots of fun extras. Find out more at Magnetreleasing. Your email address will not be published.

    The Box- A short story The Box- A short story
    The Box- A short story The Box- A short story
    The Box- A short story The Box- A short story
    The Box- A short story The Box- A short story
    The Box- A short story The Box- A short story
    The Box- A short story The Box- A short story

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