Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition)

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In Canada and in North America, the province of Quebec remains a mystery to many, mostly because of its French-speaking nature. With a population of more than 8 million people, of which more than 6 million speak French-only at home, Quebecers make up a fourth of the Canadian population and pack a similar punch on the economic front.

While the language is the prominent differentiating factor, Quebecers boast a different culture as well, watching locally-produced TV shows, not to mention a thriving music scene, oscar-winning movie-making, and award-winning restaurants and products of the terroir. Ice-cider anyone? This different mindset is also reflected in how French-speaking Quebecers use the web and social media to follow brands or companies online. And more importantly, they do it in French, to a captive and savvy traveling audience.

Travel destinations take note!

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Marie-Julie is without a doubt the foremost travel blogger in the province of Quebec, with her blog Taxi-Brousse followed by readers in Quebec and equally, if not more, in France and many French-speaking countries around the world. She freelances for various media outlets, and held the official travel blog for MSN. Jennifer is the founding editor of the collective Moi, mes souliers , a portal dedicated to globe-trotting, often mentioned or referred to by newspapers, i. La Presse. It covers travel in all of its aspect, from pre-departure to practical tips during travel and how to combat the post-return blues.

All continents and all types of travel are also covered by the site, from solo travel to backpacking or families, there are loads of quality posts on how to achieve great trips on a shoestring. Jennifer is an active members of various travel blogging groups on Facebook, both in French and English. Ok, so I lied: this blog is in English but I really wanted to include Marie-Eve on this list because, well, she so represents what Montreal is all about!

No, but if you like awesome Instagram storytelling, Marie-Eve is at the top of her game. She was part of the newly formed Instagram brigade during the popular Francofolies festival this past June in Montreal, and she is a regular contributor to AFAR magazine, among many others. Thus the name for he blog Eille la cheap!

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She also now features different regular contributors on her site, for more frequent and quality content. Not many men on this list, I will give you that, but Gary is a heavy-hitter on the Quebec travel blogging scene.


Called Como la espuma , it refers to a quote from the movie Y tu mama tambien , and the backbone to the blog is basically to live every day as if it was the last one. This travel blog may seem eclectic at first, but there is a recurrent theme, with the sea as a common thread, and various destinations described under a different light. Marie-Eve excels not only with words, but also with images Instagram , tweets and thoughtful posts on Facebook. Michel is a professionnal photographer with more than 25 years of experience working with destinations, hotels, attractions and various actors in the tourism industry in Quebec and outside his native province.

His travel blog Coups de coeur pour le monde came about a few years ago, combining his many travels for work with the thought of sharing his experiences with clients and readers. The blog content is made up of articles by Michel and his significant other, Jasmine Nadeau, and gives out practical tips through short posts with an ongoing keen eye on photos and videos.

Sarah is the resident blogger for the travel section on Canoe. But he was above all a pathfinder and a scout.

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He played an essential role in the first documented journeys of exploration in New France by going ahead of Samuel de Champlain, Gabriel Sagard, Jean Nicolet, Nicolas Perrot and others of their ilk along the route to the Great Lakes. He appears to have been the first European to set eyes on the Ottawa Valley, Georgian Bay, Pennsylvania and four of the Great Lakes, and to give at least an oral description of them. He now turned his attention further inland, aware that any discovery must start west of Sault St.

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Louis the Lachine Rapids. On the thirteenth of June, , Champlain succeeded in navigating the Lachine Rapids. Their territory was located on the peninsula between Lake Ontario and Lake Huron. He made his way to the site of the present-day city of Buffalo, at the junction of Lakes Erie and Ontario. In the spring of , our explorer left the Andastes country and made his way northwards again, only to be taken prisoner by the Iroquois.

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  • According to his own account, he was tortured and his life was threatened.

    Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition) Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition)
    Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition) Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition)
    Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition) Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition)
    Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition) Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition)
    Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition) Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition)
    Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition) Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition)
    Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition) Québec et Ontario (GUIDE DE VOYAGE) (French Edition)

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