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This promotional offer may be modified or terminated at any time without notice. We reserve the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of this offer. Some exceptions may apply. No cash value. Ends DG APP. Women's Tops. She was also one of the original owners of the Phoenix Suns basketball team, from to Her sense for business served her well when the recording industry did not. Anyway, when the second single on her first album gained no traction, Capitol rushed Bobbie right back in the studio to make a second album.

Her first full-length came out in August of Her second album, The Delta Sweete , was on sale, in stores, in March of They were clearly shooting for a followup hit before the public forgot about Bobbie Gentry. It could have worked, if she had any interest in repeating herself. Pepper had fought for the confederacy.

Listen to the whole thing. Capitol Records doubled down on their strategy. It was called Local Gentry. Fortunately, Capitol Records had given themselves an insurance policy this time. Yet another flop. This went to 6 on the country charts and 27 on the pop charts. By this point, it had to be virtually impossible to keep up with who Bobbie Gentry was supposed to be or what she was supposed to sound like. Girl with a guitar? Pepper of the Swamp? One half of a Disney Pop Duet? The female Wilson Pickett?

Bobby (rapper)

Playing with your persona is fine but first you have to have a persona to play with. Even David Bowie gave us a few years to get to know him before introducing the world to Ziggy Stardust. Studio owner and producer, Rick Hall, was at the control board for this one.

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When Bobbie asked Rick to produce her album, she asked what he needed from her. The story is epic. The production is the secret weapon. The single went to 26 country and 31 pop.

Bobbie had another hit on her hands. That seems accurate. Jimmie Haskell says, toward the end of her time there, Bobbie had developed a reputation at Capitol for being difficult to work with.

Bobbie's Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary

In Las Vegas musical theater, Bobbie found a medium where she could take more control, fully realizing her ideas without compromise. The showrooms on The Strip were for more extravagant entertainment — showgirls, costume changes, choreographed dance routines and a big ticket name on the marquee to fill up the seats. You know, showmanship. Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack moved in during the early s and Las Vegas became a place where entertainers of a certain caliber could cash gigantic paychecks with residencies on the strip. And, if you could keep selling tickets year after year, then you could just move to Vegas, stop touring entirely and completely erase from your life issues like missed flights, tour bus accidents, audio problems in unfamiliar venues, sketchy promoters, early morning radio… I could go on….

Maybe she started small with a show built around her playing guitar and piano and singing her own songs. Smoke machines simulate pond fog as a gondolier rows her across the stage in a boat. Rainclouds create storms with real water in the middle of the show. You could even watch a security detail transport the diamonds from a vault to the dressing room each night. All these things may sound like typical aspects of Las Vegas shows now but Bobbie had a big hand in setting these trends.

The choreography and direction of her shows were usually outsourced but nearly every other detail was planned by Bobbie herself — including the decision to have male dancers come onstage in female clothing, way before things like that became mainstays on The Strip.

Bobbie did an Elvis Presley impersonation that was apparently quite a thing. Word of her Elvis act quickly spread around town. The King is rumored to have waited until the house lights went down one night in order to sneak in the back of the theater and watch the show himself.

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The gossip goes that he worried it was more of a parody than a tribute. For one thing, they almost always misrepresented her as some kind of smiling idiot, getting ahead in life on her looks, which could not have been further from the truth. Bill was about 30 years older than Bobbie. So, even though she was already a millionaire and making millions more on her own every year, the common perception of the relationship was exactly what you would expect.

From then on, Bobbie was treated as a gold digger. When Bobbie sued that tabloid for completely fabricating photographic evidence of her being pregnant by Elvis, it was a knockout punch delivered in response to years of taking jabs on the chin. The same year as the Elvis thing , a movie called Macon County Line came out. It was written by and starred Max Baer Jr.

Foo Fighters Meets 70's Bobby Caldwell - Live Looping Mashup by Elise Trouw

A movie adaptation of such a big hit was sure to turn a profit, even nearly ten years after the fact, especially with this particular song as the source material. They could market the movie as the answer to The Big Mystery after all these years! Herman Raucher was brought in to write the screenplay. In a interview, Herman tells the story of meeting with Bobbie Gentry, asking her why Billie Joe MacAllister jumps off the bridge and Bobbie tells Herman that she has no idea.

The female lead, who we know as the narrator from the song, is named Bobbie. This all fits with the song, so far. No surprises, yet. Bobbie hangs on to her virginity and Billie Joe hits up a party to get drunk, cut loose and, we assume, bang a hooker.

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  • He stays missing for a couple days. He starts crying and — get ready people, cause here it comes — Billie Joe tells Bobbie that, after the jamboree, he had sex with a man — his boss from the sawmill. Oh, and, the thing the preacher sees Bobbie and Billie Joe throwing off the bridge? Despite mixed reviews and a plot that turned off many viewers in the intended demographic, the movie seems to have done really well. One more revenue stream for Bobbie Gentry, who by this time had to be an incredibly rich woman.

    He was brought in as an opening act for her new show at the Aladdin. Still, Bobbie and Jim got to know one another by working together. When she learned the details of his publishing and recording contracts, Bobbie told Jim that he needed new management. Apparently, she also thought he needed a new wife.

    They were married within six months.

    Me, Bobbie and Big Red
    Me, Bobbie and Big Red
    Me, Bobbie and Big Red
    Me, Bobbie and Big Red
    Me, Bobbie and Big Red
    Me, Bobbie and Big Red
    Me, Bobbie and Big Red
    Me, Bobbie and Big Red
    Me, Bobbie and Big Red

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