Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and Creative Arts)

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Learning through a combination of lectures, discussions and hands-on activities, you will develop a more advanced understanding of specific aspects of the industry. In Exhibition and Gallery Management, you will be introduced to the programming and curatorial aspects of galleries and international art shows, as well as the process of mounting an exhibition from start to finish. In Festival Management, you will be introduced to the issues and practices of programming, and running festivals in the local and international context. In Music Management, you will learn the basics of the music business, both contemporary and popular, as well as be introduced to the organisational structure and management requirements of traditional and classical orchestras and companies.

In Heritage Management, you will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of the heritage field, discerning the complex issues involved in the preservation of both tangible and intangible culture, and learn how to work with communities. Research and Writing Skills 20 CU This module builds on the principles gained from history and contextual studies, where you will acquire and develop a varied set of writing skills critical to an arts manager.

You will learn to write critical reviews, previews, commentaries and press releases on the arts.

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You will also learn techniques that will assist in your research in the arts. Student Exchange Elective 60 CU This module gives you the opportunity to explore fresh perspectives and alternative approaches to your creative discipline, by undertaking a semester-long international learning exchange in another institution. The aim of the module is to provide interested students an opportunity to enrich their learning journey, enhance their creative practice, learn from a socio-culturally different educational setting, and be exposed to new cultural and creative industries.

Please note that this is an elective module. Students who undertake this module will not be required to take additional modules. You will also be expected to be an independent learner to relate and integrate the experience, knowledge and skills acquired to the assessments required for this module.

Through this international experience, you will be able to strengthen your ability to adapt and react to changing trends and environment. You will build your capacity to contribute effectively as an active and informed local and global citizen, while broadening your network and enhancing your career prospects in the arts and creative industries. Your application for this elective module must be supported by your Programme Leader.

You are expected to adhere to the regulations, guidelines and planned curriculum issued by the host institution.

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At the same time, you are expected to regularly update your assigned lecturer on the progress of your learning at the partner institution, and also seek guidance on the completion of the units of assessment for this module. You will have the opportunity to acquire critical professional skills relevant to contemporary practice, through coursework as well as through internships or self-initiated projects.

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You will complete your programme of study with a research dissertation. Through an in-depth study of arts and cultural policies, governmental reports and cultural statistics, you will be analysing theories, concepts and policy implementations related to the arts. You will be studying the development of arts policies and discussing issues related to policy-making and cultural governance. Industry and Community Engagement 20 CU This module is designed to enable you to broaden your knowledge of the cultural and creative industries by placing you, as a learning professional, within a professional work environment.

The aim of the module is to help you develop work-related knowledge, skills and capabilities, prepare you to pursue opportunities in fields relating to your study, and expose you to a diverse set of professional trajectories. You will map your acquired skills, interests and aspirations against current and future opportunities in the cultural and creative industries, while putting to practice skills and knowledge gained in the classroom.

You are required to attend various industry preparation workshops, such as resume-writing, interview skills, and etc. Option A: Industry-based Internship s You will independently source and apply for internship opportunities. You are required to identify your interest and career-trajectory. These opportunities should be in an organisation where the job functions are related to your discipline. The internship may be with a single organisation or an accumulation of short-term work with different companies, to accumulate the minimum hours of on-the-job training.

All internships must be approved by the Programme Leader, prior to commencement, to align with learning aims and outcomes. Option B: Negotiated Projects You will take a proactive and entrepreneurial approach to identify and create a niche for yourself, within the cultural and creative industries. You may undertake a combination of the following types of projects:. To ensure that you fulfil the learning outcomes of this module, all proposals and short-term internship opportunities must be discussed and approved by the Programme Leader.

Dissertation 40 CU This module is the culmination of the research and contextual knowledge that you have acquired during the course of your study.

You will be required to undertake in-depth critical research, and present a coherent argument based on investigation and analysis. The chosen topic will be relevant to your main course of study, and will be used to support and inform your specialist practice. It will demonstrate your deep appreciation of your field, and competency of key approaches and methodologies to contextualise it. You will demonstrate an ability to identify a research topic that is close to your practice or field of study through a clear literature review, and present relevant arguments and hypotheses in the written form of between 6, to 8, words.

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Before commencing your dissertation, you will be required to develop a research proposal outline to demonstrate your research question and approach to completing the dissertation. You are expected to undertake a significant amount of independent and self-motivated research. You will be assigned a supervisor who will provide guidance in your research work. You will also be required to attend all dissertation-related classes. Principles of Arts Management 3 20 CU This module ntroduces you to the specific management perspectives of non-profit arts organisations.

This will include legal frameworks in the management of the arts and leadership theories. In the leadership component, you will be introduced to various theories of leadership as applied in business contexts. You will analyse organisational structure, psychological behaviours and develop an understanding of how to lead teams in different contexts. You will also expand your knowledge of issues related to non-profit arts management and cultural leadership, and develop your skills of critical analysis.

When it comes to legal frameworks for the arts, you will gain knowledge and understanding of laws related to the arts, types of contracts important for the arts industry, as well as the concept and application of copyright author's rights and other related rights. Strategic and Entrepreneurial Thinking for Arts Organisations 20 CU This module will help you to develop the knowledge and skills to write a business plan, as well as an understanding of social responsibilities and business ethics involved in setting up and running a business in the arts.

It will also equip you with the knowledge of the strategic analysis of arts organisation, and give insights into organisation behaviour within the arts sector. Attend lectures, workshops, tutorials, seminars, internships and projects. There will be regular guest lectures by arts management practitioners from Singapore and abroad.


You will be expected to complete written assignments in the form of essays and projects, participate in class presentations, undertake internships and write a research dissertation. Assessment is an integral part of the learning process and will be formative and diagnostic, as well as summative and evaluative. Feedback to students is provided, wherever appropriate. Download assessment overview PDF. You will independently source and apply for internship opportunities. You are required to identify your interest and career trajectory.

LASALLE is committed to providing our students with an international perspective and nurturing them to be global citizens. The opportunity for student exchanges will broaden your network and strengthen your ability to adapt and react to the global changing trends and environment. I met a lot of people I am still friends with. I really loved the lectures. The equipment and building are very good. Outgoing Exchanges Students enrolled in our BA Hons degree programmes will have the opportunity to go on a semester of overseas exchange with our selected partner institutions.

Cultural Creativity and Value – Cultural Base

For more details on the eligibility criteria and the application process, please login to the Learning Portal. For more information or assistance, please email us. Students in our partner institutions can identify a cognate programme from our list of 13 BA Hons degree programmes and join us for a semester.

Please refer to our academic calendar here. Eligibility You will need to be an enrolled student from one of our partner institutions. As English is our language of instruction, incoming exchange students from a non-English medium partner institution are expected to have IELTS 6. Please fill up our online incoming exchange student form here. You will be contacted by our staff regarding more details on the application process.

You may refer to our International Student Guide for information about visa application, accommodation and the expenses for living in Singapore. Tap into the illustrious minds of our faculty members who are movers and shakers in their own disciplines. They will impart, challenge and encourage, as they share their invaluable expertise and experiences with you. Local Diploma graduates who apply for BA Hons programmes will be advised of their application outcomes in late May Arts experience can include work done with arts organisations or arts events, such as performances, exhibitions, concerts, films or design projects.

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These can be projects you were involved in or attended as a spectator. In addition to that, tell us something about yourself that is not related to arts, that you are passionate about. You are also required to attend an interview conducted by the Arts Management programme lecturers. Under the terms of the Tuition Grant Deed, you will be required to work for a Singapore entity for a period of three years upon graduation. Application is only complete upon receipt of your application fee and all necessary documents.

Please ensure your application fee is paid and documents are submitted within seven working days from the submission date of your online application. LASALLE reserves the right to withdraw the applicant if the application fee remains unpaid and documents are not received by the due date. As a developing artist, you are required to have certain items that are personal to you and cannot be shared. Such items include books, dance shoes, rehearsal clothes, safety boots, portable musical instruments, paints, canvas, basic tools, design software, cameras, etc. The College does not encourage the purchase of extravagant or costly materials or equipment.

Our lecturers can provide you with affordable suggestions. You are also encouraged to have your own laptop for education. If you do not own one, computer labs are available on campus with requisite software for you to undertake your work. There may be opportunities for you to undertake extra-curricular study trips to enhance your overall learning. Trips are not compulsory and may incur additional costs.

The FPS also protects students when the PEI fails to pay penalties or refund fees to the students arising from judgements made against it by the Singapore courts. More information on the Committee for Private Education. This premium rate is subject to change based on the prevailing premiums charged by the insurer. In recognition of outstanding academic excellence, leadership potential, and a passion for creativity and innovation, LASALLE offers a variety of scholarships to new and current students.

Applications for scholarships open from March to May for new students. Other externally sponsored scholarships are also available to students. Enquiries and applications may be directed to the respective organisations.

Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and  Creative Arts) Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and Creative Arts)
Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and  Creative Arts) Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and Creative Arts)
Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and  Creative Arts) Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and Creative Arts)
Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and  Creative Arts) Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and Creative Arts)
Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and  Creative Arts) Cultural and Creative Arts Series 5 (Cultural and Creative Arts)

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