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Sex addicts are usually adults who were abused as children, and often use sex as a pain or anxiety-reliever, not getting much pleasure from the act at all. In fact, they are more likely to feel shame and regret, even having sex with people when they don't want to. Even though psychiatry doesn't recognize sex or cheating as legitimate addictions, there's no question that for some people, these behaviors are destructive and detrimental to their lives.

Their actions hurt their families, their partnerships, and their jobs. There are support groups, such as Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, which aim to help people with sexual impulse problems learn to take control of their lives, and many people have found comfort and solace in these organizations. To put shame or stigma on true addictions is to discourage sufferers from seeking help, and those whose self-destructive actions are negatively affecting their lives deserve some kind of treatment. Many conditions take a while before the psychiatric community accepts them, and our understanding of the brain is an ever-changing process, in which we're learning more and more every day.

Future editions of the DSM may, in fact, accept infidelity as an addiction, just as they may accept internet addiction, thrill-seeking addiction, or a host of other yet-to-be-determined conditions. Of course, I'm no doctor, so it's hard to know whether Gov. Sanford is a cheating addict, a sex addict, a narcissist, or something else. Follow Us. Sign in. An Addiction? Photo: WeHeartIt. Self , Heartbreak August 19, Click to view 8 images.

He related for those in attendance his recollections of the beginnings of A. He recalled that in the early days they were groping in the dark.

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But they were convinced the answer to their problems was in the Good Book. And one of the absolutely essential parts of the Bible for them, according to Dr.

Bob, was the Sermon on the Mount. But there are two verses in there whose application to 12 Step recovery may seem to be a bit strained. As is typical of his teachings in other areas of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus turns the Jews understanding of what the Law said about divorce upside down. The passage says:. Jesus began by referring to Deuteronomy from the Law of Moses, where if a man wanted to divorce his wife, he was required to give her a formal certificate declaring he was divorcing her.

At that time, a man was permitted to divorce his wife, but a wife was not allowed to divorce her husband. She could petition the court, and if her plea was accepted, the court would direct the husband to divorce her. Culturally, to moderns this appears to be an unfair, patriarchal practice. But there was a loose interpretation of that section of the Mosaic Law that made it even more one-sided. By the time period in which Jesus lived, the grounds for divorce could be a failing as trivial as a wife burning the food she cooked for her husband.

Regardless of how an individual understood divorce, it was an accepted practice in Judaism for a man to divorce his wife. However, her husband could not put her outside of his home on a whim; he had to formally release her from her marriage vows. To me, when it comes to verbal and emotional abuse and control, the second time one of these behaviors took place in my relationship, it would mean the end of the marriage.

The first time, a boundary would be set and a warning made of what is to come if the abuse continued. Very few do. Indeed, after many studies on the subject, an extremely small percentage can be rehabilitated, and in those cases, the abusers successfully complete a three-prong, long term approach to self improvement: Specific treatment, individual and group therapy specifically for abusers, and anger management classes.

The first time a person does anything like that, I would view as a capital crime, and the marriage would receive the death penalty.

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As stated above, studies of abusive relationships show that it will always continue, the abuser in almost all cases will not reform and will continue the behavior, and in some cases will end up killing his spouse. This issue affects people at every educational and social level, and there is absolutely no shame in getting the help you need for your situation.

Much more than documents.

Anyone finding themselves in an abusive relationship should visit their local domestic violence center for free counseling about how to deal with, and end, an abusive relationship. The first step will be educational — you will learn everything you need to know about it. Please take this seriously, because it is serious. You will find that my attitude with addictions is tough, because that is what it takes to get an addict to do what they must do to get better.

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Addicts are world-class manipulators, deniers, liars and excuse-makers, because their sole objective is to keep the addiction alive, and that is why a therapist must take a tough stance with the illness. Sometimes I am the first person who has ever told the addicted person that the problem he or she has is serious and must be treated proactively. I will be able to team with you to assist in making the right decision and helpful choices for you and your family, if you need help.

I assure you that once a week therapy and reading books will not do the trick for someone addicted — something much more drastic must take place. Addiction is one of those things that does so much damage to a marriage and family that I have little or no tolerance for it.

The Four Consequences of Sexual Sin - Jentezen Franklin

It destroys people. Call me a hardliner, but I strongly believe that a person needs to take care of their addiction through serious, long-term treatment, or the marriage should probably be terminated. The problem is that any addict will say or do anything to keep the addiction alive, including denying that they are addicted! And people who deny their addiction probably are not going to get help. That is why most addicted people wear out their therapists, because dealing with liars and deceivers is not going to produce bountiful results. How much pleasure a person gets from alcohol may be partly determined by heredity.

When someone drinks, or engages in any self-destructive activity, the pleasure they receive will be short-lived, and the feeling that follows will be discomfort. Therefore the substance of choice brings a person both the feeling of comfort and discomfort. The happy feeling is the high that the substance brings, and the unhappy feeling is called craving.

To an addict, nothing quiet quenches the unhappiness like the drug that produced it. As the alcoholic progresses through the cycle of the disease, he or she will drink more to overcome the unpleasant effects rather than to achieve the pleasure that it brings. It is important to understand that just because a person does not drink or use substances daily does not mean he or she is not an addict. Addictions can present in various forms such as weekend abuse, occasional benders, or other non-typical patterns of usage. Addiction is a progressive disease that gets worse over time.

After a period of time, the pain returns, and the addict begins to experience the fantasies of using substances again. The stages of the cycle of addiction can be matched up with some of the stages of the model of behavior change and its relationship to recovery. Unfortunately, relapse can occur during the action or maintenance stage, which means the addict or alcoholic again enters the cycle of addiction. When it comes to pornography, most men have looked at it regularly for a very long time. I would be more concerned about this sort of gazing than the kind Playboy and Penthouse have to offer.

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Men are visual creatures, they can look at a picture and be sexually aroused, or they can look at a woman at the bank and be aroused, while still being totally devoted and monogamous with their partner. Every situation is different, of course. Anything that feels good can lead to addictive behavior, and sex is no exception.

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If a spouse continually gets caught in the sexual pursuit of other people, you not only have an issue with infidelity, you have an issue with sexual addiction. I have talked with quite a few people who are sex addicts, most being men. Virtually every one has told me that it is the pursuit of the sex that gives them the high, not the sex itself. The sex addicts I have worked with are extremely reluctant to be treated, and most often they get very defensive and nasty when the subject of treatment is broached.

I have heard every excuse in the book why the person cannot receive intensive treatment. That is the nature of an addict, to fight to keep the addiction alive.

Adultery, Addiction, Abuse, and Agendas

I believe that people with sexual addictions will not recover without high quality, long-term treatment that often includes regular lie detector tests. I would not remain with a person who would not receive the treatment they need, and then receive family therapy to begin the healing process that will no doubt be needed. This situation can be overwhelming, and the Marriage Crisis Manager can help you sort through all of it and help you come up with a strategy that will be intelligent and wise.

Just like adultery and abuse, addiction must be dealt with before any other work can be done with the addicted person. Marriage therapy would be pointless with someone who is addicted, because we will never be able to get down to the truth of what they are really doing and thinking, On the MCM web site we can help spouses of addicts with consultations and advice on the healthiest ways to handle this issue, and come with strategies that may very well end up saving a marriage you once thought could not be repaired.

Goodwin, Donald. Oxford University Press. Becky Whetstone is an Arkansas native and has a Ph. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Welcome to a web resource that's passionately dedicated to the creation of healthy relationships! Spouse feels he and children are neglected. Spouse is obsessed with his administrative assistant and talks about her frequently and shares personal information with her about the marriage. Obsessed spouse minimizes the situation and does nothing to reassure his spouse.

Adultery Addiction Adultery Addiction
Adultery Addiction Adultery Addiction
Adultery Addiction Adultery Addiction
Adultery Addiction Adultery Addiction
Adultery Addiction Adultery Addiction
Adultery Addiction Adultery Addiction
Adultery Addiction Adultery Addiction
Adultery Addiction Adultery Addiction
Adultery Addiction

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